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Posted by Alison Dean on 5 June 2012 | Comments

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Download the  GetOnline, MYOB Business Monitor special report

Westpac and MYOB are proud to be working in partnership to help more businesses get online.

As a country we have not yet fully embraced the opportunities provided by the internet. Businesses with an online presence not only enjoy a real competitive advantage by being available to more customers, they are open 24/ 7 and perform better across a wide range of areas. They typically achieve a higher level of growth, attract more customers, make more sales and reach more markets.

With so few New Zealand businesses operating a website, our lack of participation in the digital economy is an issue that we need to address. So, together Westpac and MYOB have created the Getonline.co.nz initiative to help more New Zealand businesses quickly establish an online presence to enable them to grow.

We have set ourselves an ambitious target for this initiative. We would like to see 10,000 businesses online with a new website in the next 12 months. To do so, our aim is to break down all the barriers to small business participation in the digital economy. We want to make establishing a website as simple and as efñcient as possible. But perhaps most importantly, we wanted to cut out all the up front cost. That’s why, through the Getonline.co.nz initiative, businesses will be able to make a fast, professional, search optimised website that makes them available to New Zealand and beyond and is free for the next 12 months.

Through Getonline.co.nz, any business - not just a Westpac or MYOB customer- will be able to set up a website and have it up online in just 15 minutes. And, they will be able to trade online with e-commerce functionality in just one hour.

We believe this initiative will help Grow New Zealand, break down the barriers of cost and complexity, and make it easy for them to be more effective in their marketing. Our simple message is ‘Get Online, New Zealand’ to take advantage of all the opportunities the internet provides.